Who we are

fotonegriniOur office was set up in the nineties to dealing coins, medals and book series. We act as selling agents on behalf of collectors and investors and guarantee the utmost accuracy and seriousness.

The owner, Mr. Raffaele Negrini, has been a member of the Italian Numismatists’ Society since 1978. He also registered in 1988 to the Lombard Associaton of Coin¬†Evaluators, Experts and Consultants under No. 4508 and is currently a member of the Italian Professional Numismatists’ Society withSeal No. 148.

What we do

    We organize them at regular intervals, mainly in spring and autumn.
    They display items of high numismatic value.
    The auction venue is the prestigious Grand Hotel et De Milan
    The materials showed can satisfy both the professional numismatics and the small collector.
    Photografic Surveys
    Technical report by settings seal

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